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  Augusto E. Villa, MD, FACC, FSCAI
Diplomate American Board of Cardiovascular Diseases,
Interventional Cardiology, Endovascular Medicine,
and Internal Medicine.

600 University Boulevard, Suite 200, Jupiter, FL. 33458
Ph. (561) 627-2912 • Fax (561) 627-2207
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24-Hour Holter Monitor Test and Event Monitor Test

24-Hour Holter Monitor Test

What is the purpose of a 24-Hour Holter Monitor Test?

The Holter monitor is used by Dr. Villa to determine the electrical activity of your heart (EKG) during normal everyday activities. It also provides a valuable information about the rhythm of your heart and allows him to determine if your symptoms correlate with any changes in your heart rhythm.

How should I prepare for a Holter Monitor Test?

  • Please wear a loose fitting, comfortable shirt so that electrodes can be placed on your chest. No one-piece outfits, please (i.e.: dresses, girdles or overalls).
  • Refrain from using lotion or powder on your chest area as this makes it difficult for the electrodes to stay in place.
  • You may want to bath or shower prior to this test as you will not be able to during the 24-hour monitoring period.

What will I experience during the Holter Monitor Test?

  • Seven electrodes will be placed on your chest. They will be attached to a monitor that records your heart rhythm for 24 hours.
  • You will be given a carrying case and shoulder strap to wear the monitor over your shoulder or around your waist.
  • You will be required to log your activities and/or symptoms in a diary while wearing the monitor. During the 24 hours you are encouraged to do normal activities, however, you are not able to bath, shower or swim.
  • Remove the monitor after 24 hours. Return the monitor to our office as soon as possible. If the monitor, wires and case are not returned within 48 hours, a fee may be charged to your account.

Event Monitor Test (Event Recorder Monitor)

What is an Event Monitor Test ?

Some patients experience symptoms (palpitations, dizziness, chest pains, etc) only once or twice a week. For those patients a 24-hour Holter monitor might not be adequate since it might happen the patient does not have symptoms that day. The event recorder is a device that monitors the electrical heart activity continuously and the information is sent via cell phone technology to a central station that is monitored by a trained technician 24/7. At the same time the patient can “send” and special signal and recording if he/she experience symptoms. All the recordings are sent to Dr. Villa for analysis and interpretation. If serious abnormalities are detected, Dr. Villa can be notified immediately. The patient is contacted and given instructions (ie: go to emergency, take different medication, etc).

How should I prepare for The Event Monitor Test ?

Most of the time the monitor will be sent to your home via UPS or FedEx. Easy to follow instructions are provided how to set up the monitor yourself. If you need help you can contact our office or the toll free number provided with the equipment.

What will I experience during event Event Monitor Test?

  • Two electrodes will be placed on your chest and you will be given a monitor to wear.
  • Be sure to keep track of your symptoms and the time of the recording in the diary provided.
  • You will wear this monitor for 2-3 weeks unless otherwise instructed.
  • When test period is done, you will set up an appointment with Dr.Villa to review the tracings and the interpretation.


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